Who We Are

ELE TOURISM, Inc. and its associates have more than 50 years experience in the Travel and Hospitality Industry. Throughout the years we founded and established companies in many sectors of the industry including Hotels, Restaurants, Destination Management Companies, Convention and Visitors Bureaus, Airlines, Tour Operators, Retail Travel Agencies, Online Travel, and Incentive Groups. Our vast experience in all sectors of the travel industry carried our company through several growing phases and set us apart as a leader in the travel business.

We lead without leading, although a contradictory phrase, our leadership is sought after in all places of the travel industry where we have established a presence. Every day we strive to provide our clients with the best possible service and by doing so, we are getting recognized as the leaders in the area. We innovate, create, inspire, and develop new programs with the sole purpose of our client’s satisfaction and because we love what we do… leadership follows!

Our motto: Innovation + Marketing = Results

In a world where new technology is old every 90 days, innovation and constant marketing are the key elements for any successful travel business. We develop new, eye catching, friendly website that sell and inform efficiently. We market these websites online and get the results we expect. Niche markets and new ideas are our specialty. We don’t compete; instead we create new markets and attract those clients that are looking for something new and exciting. We believe entrepreneurship is not about business at all. It is about being creative, doing what you love the most, and have fun. Isn’t that what traveling is all about? Remember, Innovation plus Marketing equals Results… everything else leave it to the accountants to figure it out.

What We Do

We develop, create, and dream websites for the Travel Industry. Our associates and clients have unique products and services that they want to offer online. We just get all of those new products and services and craft a website to showcase their inspirations. REAL SIMPLE!

Like our motto, “Innovation + Marketing = Results,” our creations are innovating, catching, fresh, efficient, and easy on the eyes. The travel industry is about having fun and relaxing, thus our websites are enjoyable, entertaining, jovial, and original. Each product and service we showcase is special and unique and we never try to compete with the establishment, you know, those big travel websites you see advertised all over the place. Instead we market our websites in places where savvy travelers are searching for information, deals, and out-of-box experiences. We are really good at it and the results are… well, exceptionally great!

We eat innovation for breakfast every day. The Travel Industry is changing constantly and if you don’t have your daily dose of innovation you will fall behind… fast! Mind you, innovation is not about having the most technologically advanced website, instead it is about having the most efficient website for the type of service you want to offer. What works for hotels not necessarily works for sightseeing tours, that’s why most of our website offer one product or service only and we use innovation and new ideas to diversified that single product… confused? We too, but it works!

By the way, we are not taking any more projects at this time. We currently have 12 websites online that are “breaking the mold” and approximately 150 more under development. Some of our most successful websites are:,,,,,,,,, y www.FortLauderdale.Tours If you want to see the full list of website already developed and what we are working on right now, visit our bragging section.

Remember, Innovation plus Marketing equals Results… everything else leave it to the accountants to figure it out!

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